Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baking Pumpkins

Baking Pumpkins

Pumpkin (I like the big guys, others will debate this)
Food processor or with even more patience a potato ricer, or sieve.
Storage Plan

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Trim stem. Slice pumpkin in half. I prefer around the middle instead of stem to stern. Clean out the guts taking as much of the thready stuff as you can. Tip up like a bowl and place in the oven. Cook until fork tender in most places. This will take a few hours. Cool.
Slice into long slices from the cut to the stem or bottom center. Peel or slice off skin. Scrape any remaining threads and the tough area around the original cutline. Cut or smoosh pieces into workable sizes for the food processor. Work in batches until all is smooth.

I like to freeze 1 cup batches in the large muffin tins. This imakes it easy to thaw and measure in the future. It could easily be canned at this point too (not my forte).

For use in recipes - thaw so there are no remaining ice crystals. Measure into recipe just like you would with canned pumpkin. Remember when baking pies that you need to add your pie spices! The color and texture will be lighter, more yellow. The flavor will be brighter.

My biggy pumpkin (fills a reusable grocery bag) makes about 30 cups. I bought the pumpkin at the Farmer's Market this year for $3.00. Nice math.

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Sharon said...

Hi, Teri-
You make baking pumpkins look yummy - and easy!
I checked online this morning, and canning mashed up pumpkin is NOT considered safe these days. Even in a pressure canner. Too much chance for botulism. Whoa! Convinced me! Freezing is easier anyway.
Hooray for Farmers Markets!!