Friday, February 8, 2008

Cookbooks and My Favorite Recipes

I have a Barnes and Noble membership which allows me discounts on books I buy through them. Frequently they send me coupons offering additional discounts.

Starting With Ingredients: This is a wonderful book for using ingredients you have or love in a new way. Look up Chicken, get chicken recipes. Look up squash, squash recipes.

  • Banana Oatmeal Quick Bread - page 94

Vegetable Love: If it classified as a vegetable it's probably in here. Main dishes, side dishes, vegetable dishes and desserts. Yes, desserts.

  • Slaw Dressing - page 270

1080 Recipes: A 30 year best seller in Spain, this has just been translated into English. I spent a month in Spain in 2007. This takes me back.

The Whole Foods Market Cookbook: The nearest Whole Foods is 60 miles from where I live. :( The recipes in here are rich and flavorful.

  • Spinach and Pinon Nut Quiche - page 141

The French Chef Cookbook: Recipes Julia Child demonstrated on her first public television program.

Cooking For Young Homemakers: 1958. Mom gave this to one of my brothers so he wouldn't starve. Let's just say it is in very good condition.

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