Saturday, February 23, 2008


My dear mother was 5'7'' and I don't think I ever saw a picture of her where she weighed more than 110 (I'd love to know what she weighed when she was pregnant with us kids). She had the metabolism of a race horse. She cooked like a farm wife. I don't think I ever had a fresh vegetable growing up unless it started with "p" and ended with "otato". Canned veggies all the way. Fruit cocktail would be the next highest on the list of "good for you's" and Crisco was a staple. She did however make a KILLER rhubarb pie which I will share at some point.

Now back to me. She did not share her metabolism with me. I got my father's. Farm life gene meets chubby bunny gene. She was kind enough though to share her ultra small boned-ness. Welcome to my HELL!

My point here...all of the recipes and meals I've been posting (old family recipes and holiday recipes exempted) I've been merrily cooking and eating while losing weight. Lots of weight. Without drugs, supplements, programs.

My secret? Just pay attention. There's a simple formula: Garbage in, garbage on (your butt). When I take the time to cook and calculate what I'm eating, my weight goes down. When I get lazy, on goes the processed carbs, the sugars, etc.

OK, back to cooking and heating to your healthy heart's content.

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