Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easy Meal

My girl friend and I have absolutely crazy schedules for the next couple of weeks. Work has been flying by at breakneck speed. We haven't hardly had the energy to call each other at night, which is like breathing to us.

She was in my neck of the woods tonight and lest we not let an opportunity go unexploited, I invited her to dinner. Here's the menu:


Commercially made butter/basil/walnut spread

Dr. Weil's Citrus Salad Dressing
Romaine lettuce - my new FAVORITE!
A carrot, manually grated
A stock of celery, sliced 1/2 inch thick
A few mandarin orange slices
Sliced Almonds

Leftover Wild Rice with Cranberries and Almonds

A Ferrero Rocher candy

I made the salad dressing while my friend constructed the salad. We broiled the steaks, taking hers out for a few minutes while mine stopped mooing. Just before "done", I smeared on a teaspoon of the seasoned butter on each of the stakes and popped them back under the broiler until the butter melted. While broiling the steaks I nuked the rice.

All my wonderful desserts had been consumed over the weekend so the piece of candy became dessert. (Actually, I saw my daughter down the last of the banana bread, which was plan A, just as I was pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator.)


Evening meal calorie total: 590. Time borrowed to make it: Less than 30 minutes. Friendship: Priceless.

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