Friday, February 15, 2008

Tidy Apples

For some reason I don't always like to just eat an apple. But I like having apples to eat. Subtle difference.

I don't care to chomp on the fruit at work - I'm always busy and don't need apple dribble on my clothes or a brown gnarly apple staring out the door. But I don't mind nibbling some slices with a fork. I can do that much tidier between people in my office, calls and writing emails.

Here's how I fix them:

I have only used Gala apples for this recipe.

Peel, core applie(s) slice apples vertically. I usually do three or so at a time.

In a saucepan place about half an inch of water and a teaspoon of sugar. (I use the brown, raw sugar). Bring to a boil.

Place apples in the water, stirring/turning them so the sugar water "coats" them.

Do not let them get soft. Just a few minutes in the water is all that is needed.

Pour into colander so water/sugar run off.

Dust with cinnamon.

When cooled place slices in container. I usually put the equivalent of a whole apple in a container. The "cooking" keeps them from turning brown. And cooking them such a short time keeps them crisp.

Apples contain about 75 calories each and the sugar packet a whopping total of 20 calories.

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