Friday, June 19, 2009

Nick's In The Kitchen

Peanut Butter and Jelly and Butter Sandwich
This is Nick's very first recipe creation. When you're done making the sandwich, be sure to say "Wowla"!

4 table knives
3 slices of bread
peanut butter

Take one slice of bread and spread butter on it using a knife. Take a second slice of bread and put butter on it using the same knife. Place the two pieces of bread together with the butter sides facing each other. On the top of one of the slices, with a second knife, spread the jelly. On the third slice of bread, with the third knife, spread the peanut butter and place it on top of the other stack of bread with the jelly and the peanut butter facing together. With a fourth knife cut it into four or six pieces.

Say "Wowla"!

1 comment:

DM Simms said...

This is hillarious.. and perfect for a hiker's / RV'ers treat. May I copy this post to my own blog; Thanks Dave