Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teri's Pain Perdu (French Toast)

Teri's Pain Perdu (French Toast)

4 slices brioche (I make my own), day old or older is best.
2 to 2-1/2 cups whole milk (or a combination of cream and non-fat milk to taste).
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-3 eggs
ghee or cooking oil (not butter - it will burn)

griddle or large non-stick frying pan
wide spatula
platter with a decent rim
plate with a rim

Slice bread 1/2 inch thick. Heat non-stick skillet on stove to between medium and medium high or griddle (easiest) to 300-350 degrees. Heat milk and vanilla in microwave. Beat eggs and place in a shallow plate. Arrange bread on platter. Put desired/needed amount of ghee or oil on the skillet.

Pour milk over bread slices. (I save some for dry spots.) After a few minutes turn the bread over to make sure all has become "wet" with the milk.

With the spatula, carefully move bread slices, one at a time, to the egg plate, turn over. Place slices on grill. The bread should sizzle just a tiny bit but not "fry". Adjust temperature as needed. When the slices are a golden brown, turn over and cook the other side.

Serve warm with butter and/or syrup.

Increase porportions for more servings.


Daniel said...

Wow! You've made my morning with this one -- and many mornings to come, I'm sure. I usually make french toast when I find a day-old french or italian loaf, but the brioche really brings it to a whole other level. Of course, using half milk and half heavy cream didn't hurt, either!

Merci ami!

Teri said...

Daniel - thanks for the great feedback! So glad you like it and even more glad you did it with your homemade Brioche! Yay yum!