Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brownie, Mousse and Raspberry

This was a delightful dessert. Lots of mmmmmm's to be heard.

Favorite brownie recipe (I used a Penzey's recipe)
Favorite mousse recipe (I used Mrs. Fields)
Favorite raspberry sauce recipe (I used Mrs. Fields)

Make brownies early or a day ahead so they are cool. Place individual brownie slices at the bottom of small dessert bowls. Make mousse and spoon a generous dollup on top of each brownie. Make a small indentation on the top to be a small reservoir for the raspberry sauce. Chill the mousse until set. When ready to serve, drizzle the raspberry sauce on each serving.

Yes, those are moans of contentment.


Sara said...

That sounds great. I love Penzeys, but I've never tried any of their recipes before.

Teri said...

Penzey's has both a magazine, Penzey's One and a catalog. The catalog is chock full of recipes too and it explains what each spice's origin or make up is and ideas on how to use each one. I think it is the only catalog I read cover to cover each time I receive it.

Penzey's won't let me post their recipes and has asked that I just link to the recipe on their site - but not all are posted. If you'd like a particular recipe, just email me and I'll type it up for you.