Monday, January 19, 2009

Utah Fog

My favorite coffee place is promoting an earl grey tea with lavender and milk. My brain thinks coffee when I'm there. But when I tried one of these teas and loved it. So at home, I found a way to make my own....and I can do a decaf version.

Hot water
Earl Grey tea bags (regular or decaf) or loose leaf
Culinary lavender buds (mine are from Washington State)
Milk or cream
Sugar if desired

Heat the water via teapot, microwave or fancy spigot.
Pour over teabag and add one pinch of lavender buds which you've rubbed between your fingers.

Let brew for a bit. Remove teabag and buds. Add warmed milk and/or cream. Add pinch of sugar if desired.

Relax, say "ahh" and enjoy.

1 comment:

reedhq said...

Earl Grey, lavender and cream are absolutely divine